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JD James & Associates, P.C. is a general practice.  We offer legal representation in both civil and criminal matters.  Our practice areas include Civil Rights/Discrimination, Contracts, Credit Fraud, DUI, Drug Possession, Guns, Entertainment, Employment, Family Law (Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce), General Business, General Counsel, Immigration (EB-5 and H1 Visas), Intellectual Property Rights, LLC and Corporations (Corporate Formation), Non-Profit Counsel, Personal Injury, Private Investigation, and Trademark Law.


JD James & Associates, P.C. is a general practice operating in both civil and criminal law, comprised of three licensed attorneys and one paralegal.  We are also happy to offer private investigation services to our clients.  Our staff boasts JDs from both The George Washington University Law School and Harvard University Law School.


At JD James & Associates, P.C. we strive to provide work of the highest quality and to serve our clients with unparralleled dedication and personal attention to their representation.  At our firm, service is the first priority.  We demand respect for our clients and help to ensure the accomplishment of your goals.  Whether we are preparing to examine a witness in court or to negotiate a copyright infringement settlement, JD James & Associates, P.C. provides unique quality of assistance by pairing management consulting strategies with legal expertise.  We pride ourselves in our focus on streamlining the legal process for all clients to ensure efficacy of service and attention to each client.  This ideal is also central to our business counsel as we improve our business clients' business processes.  At JD James & Associates, we believe that understanding and serving the fiscal and project management interests of our clients is imperative to premiere general counsel.  Our mission is to continue to push the boundaries of creative legal representation in order to better serve our clients and the legal field at large.



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